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Our Ministries:

                            Your host: Apostle Marcus Stovall                                                                 Your host: Apostle Judith Stovall

 Teleconference: 712-775-7031   Access code 562 796 049#                          Teleconference call: 712-451-0200   Access code 151415#                   

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Universal Brothers  (Mon-Fri 7-8am)                                               Universal Sisters  (Mon-Fri 6-7am)
Noon Day Prayer (every Saturday 12pm)                                         Prayer Clinic  (every Tuesday night 5-7pm)
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                            Your host: Deacon Leroy & Mattie Cobb                                              Your host: Deacon Lorenzo & Pastor Roshawn Bennett 

Power Call  ( every Monday 8pm)                                                     Weekly Word Study  (Thursdays 8-9pm)

Your host: Prophetess/Elder Montique Moore / Pionneer Ministry                                                                Your host: Apostle Marcus Stovall

Call In 351-888-6052                                        

Universal Brothers & Universal Sisters
Wednesday Call 7pm      Dial in 712-451-0200   151415#
Your hosts: Elders Johnny & Verdell Johnson
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          Invest In Your Marriage Couple's Ministry

Conference Call Every Saturday.  

Founders: Apostle Marcus & Judy Stovall      Team: Pastors Levi & Margaret Shelley & IM Team

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